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World's Smartest Football Agent

Mino is the world’s smartest football agent and your AI expert assistant to guide you with the FIFA regulations, negotiations and beyond.

Effortless Document Analysis with AI

Let AI analyze complex documents accurately, ensuring you never miss a crucial detail in contracts, negotiations, or regulations.

Interactive AI Chatbot

Stay connected and informed with our WhatsApp and Telegram chatbot. Get instant answers to your questions on your preferred messaging app.

Training Compensation and Solidarity Calculator

Calculating training compensation and solidarity contributions can be a headache. Not anymore. Our calculator feature will simplify these processes, helping clubs and agents navigate the financial aspects of player transfers easily.

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“The FootAgentExam is a game-changer. The quizzes are informative and engaging. The instant feedback saved me countless hours of study ”
Lulzim Murtezaj
CEO @sparksocceragency
"Getting a FIFA football agent license just became much easier with this platform. It's just incredible how fast I learned the FIFA study materials with practice exams"
Lorik Aliu
Foootball Agent ALFSports


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