FIFA suspends the Football Agent Regulations

Amid legal challenges, FIFA announces temporary suspension of select provisions in the Football Agent Regulations following a German court injunction.

FIFA has issued an update on the implementation of the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR). The FFAR aimed to establish a comprehensive and balanced legal framework to uphold the integrity of football and ensure the proper functioning of the football transfer system. Despite facing legal challenges from agents and associations across Europe, FIFA has mostly prevailed in disputes, with the Court of Arbitration for Sport confirming the legality and proportionality of the FFAR.

However, a recent preliminary injunction by the District Court of Dortmund in Germany has requested the suspension of certain provisions of the FFAR related to service fee caps, payment rules, reporting obligations, and more. FIFA has initiated appeal proceedings against this injunction, and a decision is expected in the first half of 2024.

To comply with the injunction, FIFA will temporarily suspend the affected FFAR rules worldwide for transfers linked to the European Union. This move aims to prevent unequal legal standards in the international transfer system. The Bureau of the Council has approved the worldwide temporary suspension of the affected FFAR rules until the European Court of Justice issues a final decision regarding the pending procedures.

In response to this development, FIFA recommends member associations to temporarily suspend equivalent provisions from their national football agent regulations unless they conflict with mandatory local laws.

FIFA reaffirms its belief in the necessity, proportionality, and legality of the FFAR as a crucial step to address systemic issues within the international transfer system. The organization emphasizes the importance of such a regulatory framework, as acknowledged by football stakeholders and European political authorities.

This summary highlights FIFA's response to the recent legal developments surrounding the FFAR and emphasizes its commitment to maintaining competitive balance and regulatory clarity in football transfer systems.

The Injunction requests FIFA to suspend the application and enforcement of the certain provisions of the FFAR:

  1. The service fee cap (article 15 paragraphs 1-4)
  2. The rules concerning service fee payments (article 14 paragraphs 6, 8 and 11)
  3. The client pays rule (article 14 paragraphs 2 and 10)4.
  4. The rules regarding the timing of service fee payments (article 14 paragraphs 7 and 12)
  5. The prohibition of double representation (article 12 paragraphs 8-10) 
  6. The reporting obligations (article 16 paragraphs 2 h), j), k) and 4) 7.
  7. The rules regarding disclosure and publication (article 19) 8.
  8. The submission rule (article 4 paragraph 2; article 16 paragraph 2 b); article 3 paragraphs 2 c) and d); article 20; and article 21) 9.
  9. The rule that service fee payments must be made via the FIFA Clearing House (article 14 paragraph 13)

Other unaffected provisions such as the exam and licensing rules will remain enforceable.

Please note that the official statement should be referenced for detailed and accurate information.