Understanding the FIFA International Transfer Guide

FIFA's International Transfer Guide details the step-by-step process of making international transfers, highlighting the Transfer Matching System (TMS) and FIFA Clearing House (FCH) for transparency and integrity.

As part of its commitment to strengthening the transfer system, FIFA has released a comprehensive guide explaining the step-by-step process involved in making an international transfer. This guide is an essential resource for clubs and member associations, offering detailed information on the Transfer Matching System (TMS) and the FIFA Clearing House (FCH).

Key Features of the FIFA International Player Transfer Guide

1. Transfer Matching System (TMS):
The TMS is a mandatory tool for registering all international transfers. It ensures transparency and integrity in the transfer system. Clubs must accurately enter all relevant information into the TMS to facilitate smooth transfers and comply with FIFA regulations.

2. FIFA Clearing House (FCH):
Operating since November 2022, the FCH centralizes and automates financial flows between clubs. It ensures the accurate distribution of training rewards and enhances financial transparency within the transfer system.

3. Practical Insights:
The guide provides clubs and member associations with practical insights into the transfer process. This includes preparation, required documents, registration periods, and deadline days. It also addresses how to prevent transfers from being blocked and what to do if issues arise.

4. Special Cases:
Detailed instructions are provided for handling loans, transfers of minors, and amateur players. The guide emphasizes the importance of uploading proofs of payment and navigating the complexities of transfer dynamics.

Importance of the Guide

The FIFA International Transfer Guide is a critical tool for reinforcing contractual stability, protecting the integrity of transfers, and achieving greater financial transparency. As Emilio Garcia Silvero, FIFA Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, stated, "This guide provides key practical insight into the processes in place within the transfer system, which ultimately aim to reinforce contractual stability, protect its integrity, and achieve greater financial transparency."

By understanding and utilizing the guide, clubs and member associations can ensure that transfers are conducted smoothly and in compliance with FIFA's evolving regulations. This guide is an essential part of FIFA’s Strategic Objectives 2023-2027, reflecting their ongoing efforts to keep football's governing rules in line with the ever-changing global landscape.

For more information and to access the full guide, visit the FIFA website.